Photo of the week!

Hello and welcome to today blog, so can I just make a huge shoutout to my 48! Followers! Thank you guys so much! I know busy baker can reach 50 soon, I have also just received 100 likes on busy baker thank you so much for all of your support and I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw it! so today little blog is of the photo I took when I was in my garden and I hope you enjoy it! Now I know it may not be the best photo I have taken but I still find it pretty!  Continue reading

New Art Supply’s 

So recently I have had a little obsession of mine and it is ordering things……. let’s not get too in depth about it.. I am going to make a huge post on the stuff I have recently bought but not all of it has come yet so I thought why not make a what’s in my art pencil case/ art supplys, I will also be showing you my new drawings and doodles I have been working on this post so let’s get to the post right away.. Continue reading

Huge Lush haul!

So today I went out shopping and ended up in my favourite shop……. lush! So if you have never been in lush you are missing out. They sell all sorts of goodies from bath bomb to soaps to conditioners. So as I walk into the store I starting sniffing away at all kinds of flavours! Some of them were fruity some of them were sweet but I manage to pick 5 items to buy as I just couldn’t resist ok ok I’m sorry but if your like me and enjoy a good lush bath or even shower your we understand!  Continue reading

DIY photos

Hey everybody from all over the world! And happy Sunday to all!

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend and to top the weekend off you can enjoy reading and making your very own DIY photos and photoframe

Is it just me or does January feel like a very slow and long month and last forever, well if you feel the same as me I have something to brighten your day so let’s get to the post….

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Photo Saturday

Today was a very frosty start to the day, I painted a very cute photo and bought a small canvas for my future drawings, so I went outside at around 9 am and walked onto the frosty frozen grass, then i took out my Ipad and took a few snaps which was pretty cool, then I came inside and made myself a little hot choclate with coco and marshamallows then eventually got round to drawing this drawing.

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Busy Baking

Today I have been so busy baking away in the kitchen cooking up all kinds of things including chocolate chip cookies, Welsh cakes and pavlova, I will provide the ingredient and the methods below.
So to start off the blog I will be showing you the best cookies you will ever try, these are Tanya burrs recipes and honestly the best and I know this as I have tried at least 5 chocolate chip recipes and Tanya burrs are the best!

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